Wisdom Cards
Remind your other selves things you wanted told to you in difficult times.

You are here for probably one reason.
You went to Burning Man and you saw some long bearded guy with a wizard staff.

You may have received a message that was just at the right time to hear it. Maybe you were waiting for it to be spoken to you externally. But you knew the truth inside you may have not wanted to face it just yet. Here was your reminder, your challenge to begin seeing we create all that we see before us. The mind wants to say no it couldn't be. Yet here you are reading "coincidental" things that you wished you received at just the perfect moment. And so we begin...

It will launch at Burning Man.









All orders taken before August 25th will NOT be fulfilled until after September 7th which is when I return from Burning Man.

What are Wisdom Cards?

Wisdom Cards is a messaging system to remind our other selves of things we would have liked to be reminded of in difficult emotional processes.

If every moment is perfect and divine, then this would mean that by you being a messenger for someone, they have manifested you into their reality to be reminded of something for them to read at the exact moment of which they read the card. Every moment that was not to happen would not have happened. Everything has a purpose, the purpose now is to be of service to our other selves.

How do we accomplish this?

I will have the cards to print out in this page for you to then print at your leisure and pass to strangers as you see fit. This is going to be a movement of messengers, angels, hermes, what ever name you want to call your self as. To remind each other to take time for ourselves. I will also be selling a pack of 40 cards all printed for those who do not want to take the time to print these themselves.

What is the vision?

Imagine a society of people who take it upon themselves to gift away random messages or letters they have no idea in which the contents will be when it is handed to someone. It creates a circulation of reminders for our other selves and generates a framework to build upon by doing this. It would work in the same principle of quantum mechanics, the message would not be known but it will be known to the person receiving it because the image changes based on what is necessary in their reality to move forward.

Now take into consideration if we make the opening of the letter or message memorable by applying a sigil. A symbol you your self program for their eyes to see and absorb the intention of what the sigil represents for the wax seal. It will have a greater impact now you are passing letters that are enchanted with specific intentions designed to move us forward.

Do the cards have added information on the back of each card?

Yes they do! They will each have printed on the front the affirmation or phrase to remind someone and the back will have information based on the phrase or action to perform. This will assist the messenger for holding space for the other when they receive it and may not want to open up so easily.

What and How to present these cards to strangers:

Please ensure that you adhere to the rules I am setting for this system. As I wish for each card to be a special moment for someone to experience.
1. Never look at the card you will be presenting to the stranger, Ensure there is no influence to why you are gifting a certain message to the stranger.
2. *Not Mandatory* However HIGHLY encouraged! Ensure the card is inside of a white envelope with a wax seal over it. This is to make the moment more memorable and for a person to truly feel the message they are about to receive.
3. Do your best to have them open it in front of you.
4. Once opened if it is a phrase or quote, Ask them what do you feel this means for you? If it is an action to perform, Ensure you observe them perform the action.
5. During the exploration of What it means to them, offer what you feel it means to you and create a space for vulnerability, Sometimes people may not want to open up first. So describe how you took the message.
6. Be friendly when handing out the cards, do it from the heart when intuition guides you.

Where do you buy the sealing wax to make it official?

You can buy it here Wax Seals

Where do you buy the seal stamper?

You can buy a set here for the Triskelion Triskelion Set
Or you can just search Amazon for Seal Wax Stampers, There are some amazing seals! My recommendation however is you create your own sigil and turn it into a stamper then use that to hand out your messages.
You can also use my own sigil which I have been empowering for over 4 years now. More Information on this specific sigil can be found here: Sigil Information

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