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What is a Sigil?
A sigil is a symbol that you give an intention to. Being the creators of our reality we have a wide range of ways and frameworks to empower our selves, ingrain and condition our logical mind that we truly create our realities. One such framework is a sigil, understanding that the only currency we have in this life time is time it self. We can then begin to understand what it truly means to pay attention to something or someone. You are paying in time, which can then be correlated to attention and awareness towards a focal point.

In turn you are paying with your energy by pursuing a hobby, an idea, a person or anything else that would have value to you. By doing so you empower the belief behind what it is you wish to manifest. Utilizing this fundamental law, you can create a powerful symbolic representation of what your intention is to begin ingraining it into your sub conscious by creating a sigil and giving it attention, focus, awareness, energy or time.

You can do so by meditating with the sigil you created and maintaining your eyes upon the sigil. You can do so by sending sexual energy towards the sigil at the point of orgasm. These are just a few ways to empower the sigil. In turn when you pass on you leave a legacy behind for others to tap into that same frequency or vibration of what intention you have been cultivating within that sigil.

I have been programming my sigils for the past 4 years with specific intentions, I personally have seen the results. I have more sigils that I have not placed onto the site as I am still discovering their uses personally.

Another way to look at it, is as a logo that represents your belief or company. Companies subconsciously know this as well as marketing advisors in order to get your name out there you must brand your self. Thus a logo is created which the definition of such is : the Word of God, or principle of divine reason and creative order, identified in the Gospel of John with the second person of the Trinity incarnate in Jesus Christ.

Cho Go Pal
The Sigil of Remembrance
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This sigil is utilized to create a space of awareness that diminishes the stories we tell our selves that we are less than. It allows us to begin to create a safe zone where ideas can flourish, to begin remembering we are powerful beyond measure.

This sigil is to transfer ones own energetic state to another based on the exact emotion you are feeling when the sharing of the sigil is conducted.

De Shen Den
The Sigil of Energy Transference
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Everyone has the

capability of creating

a Sigil

Empower your self with sigils, a modality utilized to push the narrative forward of creating your reality.