Wand Reiki – The Water Magister Alchemy

Wand Reiki
The use of wands allow the practitioner target more specific areas with ease.
I am attuned for Reiki Level 2. Upon receiving this I began to look into wands and had one made for me. It was a calling that was sent via my intuition to begin seeking for this tool of remembrance. I then began having the idea of utilizing the wand in Reiki Sessions to get a more precise energy pulsation instead of the wide range the palm gives. My wand and I have been on quite a journey of understanding who I truly am.
It has been to many workshops of sound healing and workshops of self improvement absorbing just as much knowledge and information as I have. It has been blessed by a Buddhist Monk from the Wat Buddharangsi Buddhist Temple of Miami. It has been blessed by a Swamy. As well as over 80 beautiful souls from within the Conscious Community in South Florida.

All healers of a variety of practices and perspectives. In essence we have shared the unified story that this wand or tool is that of a object for blessings and spiritual growth and healing. It is called creating a power object. When two or more people begin to share a story of an object or thing that objects power begins to magnify outwardly each time that same story is shared.

I would use this wand for the more difficult stories to untether from that person that no longer served their spiritual growth into the awareness and understanding of who they are. Sessions are 1 hour. I will scan all the chakra energetic points and see if I notice what requires work to shift the energy using the wand.

Wand Reiki 1 Hour Session
Value: $95
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You will receive a 1 hour Wand Reiki Session. This includes: Essential Oil Therapy, Binaural Beat Sound Healing to target a specific Chakra point.

Learn to Do Wand Reiki 2 Hour Session
Value: $195
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I am now offering sessions on how to use a wand in your own practices when performing reiki. You must have your own wand to consider this. I also have classes on how to construct your own wand. It will be a 2 hour session depending on the amount of information I am to pass on to you. When you leave you will understand the concepts of how to use a wand as a tool for spiritual growth and to support others in their own story of self discovery.
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