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Guided Meditations
Learn qualities that can apply to your every day life by meditating.

Guided Meditations

If we let our mind go it begins to create stories that are not true. A meditation practice can assist in cultivating your peace, but only if you dedicate time towards it and you remember you have it as a tool. Which when we are in the moment at times can be difficult to remember. But dedicating a safe time each day you can begin to ingrain this habit into the subconscious to center your self once more.

Allow me to guide you through the process of finding a meditation practice that can best work for you and your reality.

Guided Meditation Journeys
1 Hour Session
Value: $95
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You will receive a 1 Hour Guided Meditation to journey within the depths of the mind.
This includes: Specific practices to begin learning how to meditate and hold your focus.
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