Ritual and Sigil Magick
Begin understanding the dynamics and fundamentals
of creating a safe space for intention.

What is a Ritual?

A ritual when broken down logically is an action that is performed towards a desired purpose or intention to convince the logical sided mind, or belief system that it is true. Being that we are creators of our reality, we can cultivate and create rituals that best serve us to begin to regain our abilities to manifesting what it is we desire.

We know that energy must be propelled in forward motion so that it can hit it's mark or destination. By applying a simple action it allows that intention to begin to manifest in our world because now we have taken the time which is our currency and dedicated a safe space towards the desired outcome.

However there is a warning for rituals, and it is because you are now asking the universe for a desired outcome, and you have dedicate a specific time towards this. You are now calling upon your higher self for every experience possible to unlock or pull out the sides of you that must be healed in order for that end goal or intention to be manifested. This is because you are cultivating frequency and vibration, the version of you who exists in that future "now" moment does not experience the same limitations of the mind that your current state does.

In order to align our selves to that vibration or frequency we must now experience everything possible to let go of that limitation and to properly align ourselves with that "now" moment.

So be warned that if you intend to do ritual work, you are asking for acceleration towards your souls growth. If this is something you currently have difficulties with processing I would highly suggest developing emotional intelligence so that when these challenges come you can feel them heal them and release them to attain that desired outcome.

Now pairing this will another framework such as Sigil's you can speed up the process even more by developing unique language within a symbol that represents a desired outcome. Please refer to my other page:

What is a Sigil?
I am offering a 2 hour class to begin developing the understanding of ritual and sigil work and how it can support your growth along the way.

Ritual and Sigil Class 2 Hour Session
Value: $195
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You will receive a 2 hour Introduction into Ritual and Sigil Magick
This includes: Creating your own personal ritual for a desired outcome and exploration of the elemental alignments.

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