Integrity – There is a quote that goes around the spiritual community. “The way you do one thing is the way you do everything.” When broken down this is fundamentality true. You can perceive a lot about a persons character based upon what they say, and then what they do. To learn from a teacher[…]

Getting Lost in the Stories…

Want to make something very clear. Even though you may receive messages that you are a star being and a high elder, seer, oracles, etc. etc. Do not get lost in the story of it and allow it to entitle you and make yourself better than anyone else. Yes you may be those things, more[…]



The feeling of having to protect our selves from outside forces has always been a common story in the human existence. For my self when I was on the brink of my depression I was in a heavy fear state. I would read about conspiracy theories about the government and the illumanti. I felt I[…]


Sexual Energy / Creativity

When you begin to understand everything is energy and begin learning the chakras. The sacral chakra is the source of sexual energy and creativity. For those who have high sex drives it is an indication that you are a extremely creative person if that energy is focused on a goal. If you cut out masturbation[…]


Ideal Relationships

On the topic of Ideal Relationships. Our society has a common misconception from all the programming of romance tv shows, novels, and movies that we must find a partner. That we must not only find a partner but find one that doesn’t give us any trouble so that can be comfortable and mundane. It teaches[…]