I Love You Water Elixir – The Water Magister Alchemy

I Love You Water Elixir Session
Allow water from various parts of the world to be programmed for you.

I Love You Water Elixir Session

What is I Love You Water? It is conscious structured intentional water. Based on the research of Dr. Masaru Emoto. This means that every batch of water is structured using unique crystals specifically made to raise the vibration of the water. The water is treated with a reverse osmosis filter, and minerals are re added to remove the fluorides and other impurities.

Then the water is blessed using Reiki, Sigils, and then using a masculine and feminine energy meaning a male and female both do a meditation to the water to raise the vibration.

The water is enjoying classical music from the composers of Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach for 3-4 hours every day for 3 days. The water is stored in a specific container that allows for the creation of a vortex using magnets on the outside of the container. The water also has a crystal grid around it protecting it from any outside influences so it can incubate and capture all the positive love from the universe using a special Pyramid crystal on the top which passes through an Orgonite then reaches the water. Each elixir that I create is specially formulated by adding water from different parts of the world. Over the years of receiving the title of "Water Magister" People have been finding me and gifting me water from different bodies of water.

Once the elixir is created We will apply it to your forehead and certain meridian points on the body to activate them and then the water is consumed followed by a guided meditation to activate the water within your body. Knowing that water has memory and is a malleable substance that can be programmed by external factors, each body of water located around the world has it's own unique signature vibration. When you pair this with other water types you can create a resonance for the combined elixir to take effect within the body. The intention for this water is: To awaken the masses to their true power and beauty within, and to allow the remembrance of their soul mission they chose before coming back to earth.

I Love You Water Elixir
1 Hour Session
Value: $95
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You will receive a 1 Hour Session of a guided meditation and a specially created water elixir.
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