De Shen Den

I have received a new sigil which I will be revealing.
It has asked to now be revealed to be used as you see fit.

It’s name is “De Shen Den”
Upon researching the definition of it means: In the spiritual element of a persons psyche, spirit, god, or diety.
Transmission or electricity.

What is a sigil? It is a symbol that when used repeatedly becomes stronger, When seen becomes stronger, when given attention becomes stronger.

This sigil is ment to transfer ones own energetic state to another. As long as both souls visualize the same sigil in their mind prior to the initiation(meditation).
Based on how you feel at that exact moment when you say this phrase and apply the sigil.

That person will then take on this same mental and vibration state as you are in. For a limited time until they disperse the sigil in their mind.

Why would you use this? You would use this to show each other what one is feeling, rather then assume. If one party is in a deep loss or grief. You can both meditate on this sigil and send them love and happiness to take them out of that state if the other chooses it. You can use it to spread knowledge of something based on an experience that has no words, just feeling.

Thank you guides for bestowing me with these sigils to support others in their growth.

More to come as I dive deeper in meditation and await the next one.

De Shen Den