Art of Human Connection
Explore ways to build a bridge to one another through vulnerability.

Art of Human Connection

A 3-hour exploration including meditation, breath-work and a guided interactive human experience. We all want to learn the art of interacting with our fellow species. This workshop will teach you how to mindfully interact in relationship to others. Creating a safe environment where awareness is brought to the art of affection. We live in a culture where there is much emphasis to the physical and not enough awareness to the benefits of internal beauty.

Human connection reduces stress and decreases the likelihood of depression. It also helps boost the immune system and release oxytocin, the hormone that helps you feel good and feel connected to others.. Candidates for this workshop must to be comfortable with touch and open to pairing up with a partner (unless you bring your own).

Topics Covered:

- Cuddling; Big Spoon, Little Spoon - At the end of this workshop we will dive into the giving and receiving of energy in a platonic way. There will be a guided meditation that brings you back to a child hood moment where the big spoon will then be giving healing energy to.

- Creating A Connection Between Two Beings - Throughout the workshop we will be going into different modalities that allow us true connection and vulnerability. Ranging from Eye Gazing, Heart to Heart Connection, Energy Cauldrons, Chakra Connection and many others!

- Platonic Allowance; Give and Receive - This is a workshop without judgement. To Create a safe space for one another to express freely emotions that have been buried inside. Be ready to face fears and to explore them.

- Deeper Divine Connection from Within - As we progress in the class we will discover that the partners you have are for a reason. You will notice similarities in each other and realize that we are not alone and we all feel very similar in our human expressions.

- The Power of the Human Touch - The power of human touch goes a long way in the way of allowing healing. We crave physical touch. Did you know that : Babies who don't receive human contact in their first days or weeks of life often suffer from health problems related to this deprivation. They can exhibit a failure to thrive, a condition seen in orphanages among children who did not receive enough human contact when they were babies. Newborns denied physical contact with other humans can actually die from this lack of contact, even when provided with proper nutrition and shelter. This plays a huge role even in our adult life!!

- Discover your worth and value - Realize that the only limitation you are placing is the one you have in your mind from the judgements.

Art of Human Connection
3 Hour Session
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