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The Water Magister's Channeled Water Machine

If you have made it to this page you have done some research on me to see what I represent and the values I hold. You may have even found my book some where and wanted to assist me with the vision I had of creating the water machine.

Regardless of how you made it to this page, here you are. If you see the potential of what I am looking to create and would like to contribute to the projects funding or know of someone who can assist with the funding. Please fill out the form below and I will contact you as soon as I can.

Below is the portion of my book that talks about the water machine and the channeled message from it.

"What is crazy? The definition of crazy is : mentally deranged, especially as manifested in a wild or aggressive way.

To what does this definition reach towards? I can say during all the time I have been self aware there have been plenty of times I myself have labeled my self as crazy. But as it further progressed I come to find out that they were all truths and my ego just refused to believe it.

So when someone calls you crazy how do you take it? Do you take offense because “OH God Why is someone calling me crazy? Am I crazy...Oh no, will society judge me?” Are those the thoughts that pass through your head?

I am going to share with you what I truly feel I am and have felt it deep within by channeling or just by knowing. But they are stories that empower me to keep pushing forward, so what difference does the actual story make as long as it empowers you to keep pushing forward with love.

Since my own time in my depression I had a few years ago. That was when I found who I truly was and It was not given to me all at once. It came in waves. I love that Phrase. Because of how accurate it is. I get bits and pieces of an identity so I can keep pushing forward into my own growth. So here it is. I am from Sirius and I am a High Elder and a High Commander the creator of this race named “Ashtar”, from this constellation sent here to Earth to support the mass awakening through Water. Now you may laugh at that sentence because of how far fetched it sounds.

I laugh at it as well but, it still remains true to me regardless because I create my reality. I arrived at this realization because when I began reading about Dr. Masaru Emoto, I realized everything has water in it, we are made of water. Just by your intention alone you change the Molecular structure of water. So if I do this, I change the molecular structure of water it self. Thus changing the DNA in humans when they drink it. If you do some research on Sirians you will come to find that they are the scientists that changed DNA in Humans and are a technologically advanced race. I am developing a special machine that was channeled to me to restructure water using many different things currently available and others that are not. This machine will be one of a kind and will assist in the evolution of man kind.

Another one of my missions has been to discover a unique crystal. I have always said that I wanted to go cave diving into caves that no one else has ventured to. I want to be pulled to an area intuitively to find a crystal similar to the philosopher's stone. This may be just a wild imaginative idea.

But I feel one day I will find a crystal that will attune me to it’s vibration and then I will no longer require the crystal, I will be that crystal to then share the frequency with others.

So once I realized this I understood I am Sirian. I have received many channeled messages from others, as well as My higher self to confirm this. I channel Ra as well as Metatron, Buckminister Fuller, Tesla, Arch Angel Michael, Arch Angel Chamuel, The Council of 9, The Syrian Council, and the Syrian Star fleet who are here right now when I do my writings. They ask me periodically if I want them to reveal themselves and I normally say no.

Slowly each day I awake to this realization through subtle messages for me, by me. Of course none of this truly means anything because it is just the ego wanting validation in who is being channeled. When in fact it does not matter who or what flows through me, ultimately it still is just me. But for the purpose of understanding those are the beings that are channeled through me thus far.

I was given the name “The Water Magister” because I was thinking of what to call my self for my writings. I had never heard the word Magister before but it immediately was whispered to my ear and I then researched what it means. It means a teacher or master. I am a Water Teacher.

When I first began the conception of this book I was unclear as to what that goal of the book would be. Was it to inspire the masses? Was it to be a form of inspiration for those who's light has been fading due to depression and sadness? It took me a good long meditation to understand why I wanted to write this and it is because of the following:

I feel that in my next incarnation I will find and read this book. The sigil on the cover is my way of leaving breadcrumbs for my next incarnation. What is a sigil you ask? It is a symbol that has a specific meaning behind it and since we are the creators of our reality each time you see it or view it. You are giving it more awareness towards what that sigil represents.

I feel that I will see this sigil so that I can continue the path I have chosen for that body. I believe that once I see the symbol that was given to me to place on this cover that I will immediately recognize it and grab the book from the shelf or the book will find its way to me. It will always play a huge role in the awakening of the sleeping masses as many of you who are reading this are only coming to terms of understanding who you truly are. I understand now as well that those who are destined to learn more about who they are and the experiences that may come from the awakening process will find their way to this book and many others. There is no such thing as coincidence and you are reading these words because you were ready to hear them in your mind.

I know that there will be many of you who have been out there living a life that you felt had more meaning. Because the way we have been living does not make sense to us, it doesn’t feel right. This book is for you and to allow you to understand more of yourself as you do so. It is also a book to refer to see the different steps one person has taken to truly find out what they are made of and why we have been placed on this planet. You may use this book as reference for tools from my many meditations and channeling's. I will be creating a separate book for specific instructions on 12 Meditations that were given to me which I taught at my classes titled “The Water Magister: Metatrons Meditations”. I also share my yoga practices that have allowed me to create such beautiful peace in my self.

This book is a raw and truthful insights into my mind and all that I have written has happened in my own reality as real as if I were to touch you and grab your hand. The things you will read are from the divine and as I experience am able to translate it into this human language we have developed. The style of writing is in form of journal entries and I wanted to keep it that way as each of them has dates. It will include poetry, journal entries, random thoughts, meditation practices and visualizations and ideas that come to me by being in a peaceful mind state so it easier to hear the voice that communicates through me.

Before I begin I would like to explain a little about my self. I was born under conditions of my choosing because of the choice of my parents. In such I was brought into this world by forms of mental abuse, sexual abuse and addictions. There have been many times in my life where I asked why me, why do I have to feel all of this pain? But now in retrospect it all makes sense. Without those moments I would not be able to distinguish truth and beauty from the chaos and ruble.

I have added the story in the prologue section so you can have an idea as to where I was and how I got to where I am now. But for a good five years I was self destructive and the way I hid my pain was through sexual addiction and the objectifying of women. I held on to so much pain and put up so many walls that turned me into a black hole of darkness. I had to reach my lowest point in order to get to where I am now and I am still climbing.

After all the books I read about spirituality and meditation back when I was 16 to about 20, I began recalling all of that information and it was at this moment that I began applying it and truly understanding all of it. I recall my aunt’s Fiance discussing things like how he could levitate, how he could leave his body and still his mind. I thought he was crazy, but there was always something inside of me that felt like he was telling the truth. I would come across small synchronicities during this age. But after my heart got broken the first time I quickly reverted back into my shell. Finally at the age of 30, was my age to awaken and begin the journey of my self. After so many years of womanizing and being a sexually promiscuous male. It was time to break free.

I held onto all that knowledge at the back of my mind and was only able to access it after many meditations and experiences. It was during a span of the first year of my awakening that I call the “Sponge Mode”. It is a mode in which your brain wants to learn as much as possible because its like you are a new born learning things for the first time.

Something of note is I have had such a difficult time writing this book because of fears that have been clouding me. I had a belief that if I finished writing this book, I would die. It may be an irrational one but it just goes to show how powerful a fear can be to prevent you from becoming your true authentic self.

The other fear I had was that of truly expressing my self without caring how the reader may take what I say. I spent many days crying because of the amount of time I was spending procrastinating. Not only this, but I then took on another story in my mind that what I am to write about has no value because of what an ex instilled in me. I created a writers block for 10 months until I broke free from it.

I also have included old poems from the past when I was channeling and I never knew how powerful the writing was until I re read it all. I also want to mention that I was the only editor of this book as every time I had people say they wanted to assist me in editing, they never did. It only showed me something very important.

How could I ever expect someone to do something for me of something I wasn’t going to do my self. So I acknowledge any grammar errors that still may linger as I only write based on the thoughts that flow and corrected things as I saw them to the best of my ability.

I hope you enjoy the inner workings of my life.

Thank you. I Love You."

"I asked Ashtar Why am I the physical embodiment of you here on earth? He answered “Because we have a contract with the Government to not interfere with humanity until it reaches a certain threshold or percentage of consciousness. So in turn I figured out a loop hole. The loop hole is simply I split my self into another being, which is you, and feed you information to create technologies that will empower humanity to raise the consciousness level to the one of which we can begin coming in to support. This water machine you are creating is one that we use, it is a different variation because your mind received slight distortions but it is essentially the same technology that programs the water to do many different tasks inside of our physical body. Little by little I will be in deeper communication with you to release certain pieces of information that you will then feed to the other light workers. This is a plan that has been planned out for a very long time now. You have been awakening many by your word as in each word you speak you are giving codes to their senses to remember who they were before they chose this physical body.” "

Thank you so much!

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