November 4, 2016

Wizard Boot Camp Phase 1 : Astral Travel / Lucid Dreaming / Sigil Magick

Overnight Wizardry Bootcamp

 Sneak peak at My Wizardry Boot Camp: An Overnight Exploration

Location: 14755 SW 264th St, Homestead, FL 33032-7301, United States

Date: December 17th 5:30 pm - December 18th 1:00 pm


$250 Before 12/1/16

$275 After 12/2/16

$300 Day of Boot Camp

To make payment and Reserve your spot visit:

Astral Flyer

This is a 19 hour boot camp dedicated to teaching techniques and methods of: Astral Travel, Lucid Dreaming, and Sigil Magick.

We will begin at 5:30pm On Saturday and End on 1 PM On Sunday.

  6:30 PM We will begin with discussion on Astral Travel and Lucid Dreaming that will last roughly 1 hour 30 minutes. In this discussion we will go over the methods and over all intention to gain the ability to do so.   8:00PM – We will have a discussion on what sigils are and how to create your own. As well as a sound healing journey through shamanic meditations to bring up a sigil that is ment for you to work with at this time.   9:45 PM - We will then go over discussions on what herbs support with astral travel and lucid dreaming. We will perform a ritual around an elixir created to support the process when we go into the exercise/practice phase. As well as create intentional dream bags made of 3 herbs, copper, 1 crystal and intention which you get to take home with you after the boot camp. This will last about 1 hour 30 minutes.   11:15PM – We begin phase 1 of practicing astral travel based on the discussions we had in the beginning. This will be accompanied by sound healing, binaural beats and guided meditation that induce the state to become lucid in the dream state or to have an out of body. This will be practiced for 1 hour.   12:30 AM – Phase 2 Begins. After Discussion what went on in phase 1 we will then go into the Sleep state utilizing the techniques and practices discussed on your own. We will be performing sleep interruptions at 2AM and 3:30AM.   2AM – First Sleep Interruption is performed to wake everyone up during this time to begin practice of techniques discussed on astral travel while accompanied by sound healing, binaural beats and guided meditation. This will last 1 hour, with a 30 minute pause to the next sleep interruption.   3:30 AM – Second Sleep Interruption is performed followed by 2nd round of elixir Tea. Followed by a new round of Sound healing, binaural beats and guided meditation. This will last for 30 minutes. Then we pause until 9AM. During this time you can go into the phases you wish based on what you learned previously.   9AM – We all wake up collectively have our provided breakfast and tea/coffee. 30minutes   9:45 AM – We go into discussion on what went on during the night, we go over emotions that surfaced. We perform dream interpretations to see what the dream was showing you.   12PM – Lunch is provided and Socialize for 30 minutes – 1 hour   1:00 PM – Boot Camp Completed.
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