November 4, 2016

Wizard Apprenticeships Lvl 1 , 2 , 3

Have you been wanting to learn how to lucid dream and work in your dream time? Have you been having bad dreams or nightmares? Have I personally visited you in a dream for some reason? Have you been wanting to learn Alchemy and how to make ORMUS?
Are you wanting to get into Magic and Ritual? To learn how far we can take our creative potential? Magic when broken down is simply intention with action. Ritual when broken down is simply creating an action to make the mind believe that the said outcome is possible. I am offering spiritual guidance classes to teach how to begin creating the reality you want using the elements and intention. My practices are based on one fundamental fact. We create our reality 100% of the time. I can show you what I know and have experienced up until this point. I will guide you on facing your emotions without running from them. I will show you practices to utilize as a daily reminder of your divinity. I am offering packages to begin this venture. Package 1 - $1,000 includes 5 classes in person at your home or my own or online. Showing you how to begin to label emotions towards emotional mastery so you can apply these same lessons into creating rituals that allow you to believe you create your reality. It includes in depth discussions on intentions, sigils, astral travel work, taking ownership of your reality. Package 2 - $1,500 includes 6 classes and everything listed above but with follow up correspondence each week. As well as teaching how to utilize Alchemy to mold your reality and how to make your own ORMUS. Every alchemist when making ormus has their own unique finger print in the product they make. As well as the materials to make your own at your own home. This will include how to make your own dream bags, and astral / lucid dream tea. Package 3 - $2,000 Includes 8 classes everything included in the first 2 packages. Along with movement yoga, breath work exercises, how to create your own wand, how to utilize crystals as placeholders for intentions and tools that you can include in your daily routine to continue to remind you to stay present in your reality. I am accepting payment plans if you are not able to do the full amount. Allow me to support your growth and be there for you into your expansion of self. I am now accepting online students as well. a discount of 10% will be applied to online students.
It is time…It is time to learn how to take ownership of your dreams, your reality, and your inherent powers to create. Contact me for sessions and learn how to utilize your sleep time for self growth. Learn how to begin using Alchemy to change the structure of your reality. I can do Individual Sessions as well but I recommend doing it for 4 weeks so it stays fresh. Single Sessions will be $150 This includes: Your own dream teas made personally by me for 7 days. Teaching you about ritual crafts to empower your self Teaching you Daily Practices Teaching you About Sigil Magick Teaching you Best practices to induce lucid dreams Teaching you Best practices to induce out of body / Astral Experiences Daily Check ins to see how your dream time is going Home Work Assignments Each Week Will be holding you accountable each day Print outs of what the weekly plan will be Let’s play together and unlock what there is within :) I will teach you herbs to use, methods to induce, ceremonial crafts to make and be your mentor in this process as you begin to unlock your dream state. I am offering 1 session a week with me for 1 month. Each Session Will last 1 hour and 30 minutes Product : 1 Session :     images Product : Wizard Apprenticeship lvl 1 $1,000:      images Product : Wizard Apprenticeship lvl 2 $1,500:     images Product : Wizard Apprenticeship lvl 3 $2,000:    images  
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