The feeling of having to protect our selves from outside forces has always been a common story in the human existence. For my self when I was on the brink of my depression I was in a heavy fear state. I would read about conspiracy theories about the government and the illumanti. I felt I had to protect my self, fear , fear , fear. All of these stories are purposely created to generate more fear. Once you awaken the first thing may be you study is conspiracy theories. This same concept plays true to having to protect ourselves from demons, negative entities, negative energies. The more you play into the story of fear, the more fear you generate. I spent a good majority of my money on guns and things to protect myself from governments, and the "bad guys" But today is the day where i have shed that layer of feeling I have to protect my self using force. I when I began this, i purchased 3 guns. I had an AR-15, a Bolt action rifle, and a pistol. Today I finally sold my last pistol. I sold them all because I realized when i purchased them all they were all bought in a state of fear and panic. When you have something in your reality that is based on fear that space it holds is the fear within you. When you walk into a persons home every single object in their home is a direct correlation to what is going on with that person. Depending on the intention and emotion they were in when they bought that item for their home. So when you begin to shed these layers of fear. The objects are a representation and once dealt with there is open and free space to then begin to place love back into its space. When you understand that you are the literal creator of your reality 100% of the time. You can then truly know that you never have to protect your self from anything. Because everything outside of you is of your creation, allow it to come to you with open arms and with unconditional love. I used to feel I had to always protect my heart, my self. But now I allow my open heart, my self to love everyone without holding back. It is usually the other parties outside of my self that will feel odd because whoa why is this person loving me this way. That is one of the two things that will happen, you will create a space in which the person will be pushed away because they are not able to meet you at the level of love you are, or they will join you and step up to that space with you. Allowing your self true vulnerability of the self, without fear of how someone is going to take your words a sense of liberation is acquired. You no longer have to protect your self, because you are now open, honest and vulnerable with everything that surrounds your life. There are no secrets, no lies. There is nothing then that anyone can say that would hurt you, make you feel bad. Because you are your true authentic self. I have rid my self of this symbol of having to protect my being, and In so I now trust in the process of how my life will reveal it self knowing. I am the creator in my reality. For how I feel inside of my self will dictate what I will experience outside of my self. In this, so much freedom of self is established. There is a saying "Live by the sword, die by the sword". I now understand what this means. It means when you live in a reality of which you feel you have to protect your self through violence, you are perpetuating this same violence and in such you then have taken that story on in your reality to experience violence. But when you instead come at things with love and understanding you do not create that story with in you and you are transferred into a different reality where this violence will simply flow under you as you witness it from the observer and how beautiful the experience can be. You then know you will not have to experience this because you have risen above it. There is nothing we must fix, we must save, or we must do outside of selves but simply be and take ownership of our lives by facing each emotion, each fear, each limitation. Because when you do, your outside world will reflect all of that same love. So you do not require weapons, because there will never be an experience where a weapon would be required when you know this. Love is the Light. -The Water Magister

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