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Wizard Apprenticeships Lvl 1 / 1 Week / 1 Session


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Have you been wanting to learn how to lucid dream and work in your dream time? Have you been having bad dreams or nightmares? Have I personally visited you in a dream for some reason? Have you been wanting to learn Alchemy and how to make ORMUS? It is time...It is time to learn how to take ownership of your dreams, your reality, and your inherent powers to create. Contact me for sessions and learn how to utilize your sleep time for self growth. Learn how to begin using Alchemy to change the structure of your reality. I will teach you herbs to use, methods to induce, ceremonial crafts to make and be your mentor in this process as you begin to unlock your dream state. I am offering 1 session a week with me for 1 month. Each Session Will last 1 hour and 30 minutes Single Sessions will be $250 It is recommended you do 4 sessions a Month, but if you are not able to do this be sure to bring a pen and paper handy. This includes: Your own dream teas made personally by me for 7 days. Teaching you about ritual crafts to empower your self Teaching you Daily Practices Teaching you About Sigil Magick Teaching you Best practices to induce lucid dreams Teaching you Best practices to induce out of body / Astral Experiences Daily Check ins to see how your dream time is going Home Work Assignments Each Week Will be holding you accountable each day Print outs of what the weekly plan will be Let's play together and unlock what there is within 🙂


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