32 oz Colloidal Silver 15ppm


Product Description

This is for the 32oz Colloidal Silver inside of a mason jar.

This is NOT for the machine to make the Colloidal Silver.


colloidal silver factsHi this is David Rodriguez Aka The Water Magister

I am going to talk about Colloidal Silver. Is it safe? As a matter of fact yes it is. It has been used for ages as a natural antibiotic. It is Natures Antibiotic. Used throughout history. Effective against Viruses, bacterias, funguses. They actually use it now in hospitals to help cure super viruses. You may have heard it is not good for you. You may have seen that blue guy from the news. Well he actually didn't make colloidal silver. He made salt silver clouride. He made a silver solution using salt. Which is a no no. My machine uses distilled water , 99.9% silver and electricity to create the nano particles of silver that then bind to the h2o molecule. The solution looks very clear. But if you were to place it in the sun you would see the particles of silver begin to combine and the solution would turn dark or grey. Colloidal is an indispensable thing to have around the house. For instance: If you have a sore throat spraying colloidal silver will help alleviate the pain and eliminate the virus. Hiv/Aids Patients have begun using this to support and cure the virus it self. You can use it to purify water. If you are out camping or at home. It is again natures anti biotic. It is safe, effective, you can put it on burns, cuts, you can even disinfect your dentures. You can also use it as an eye wash for eye irritations. You can disinfect your toothbrushes with it, you can use it as a mouth wash. Use it as a gargle for the gums. You can use it for smells and spray it in your garbage and watch as the smell begins to dissapear. You can use it to wash down your kitchen. You can use it to keep the towels clean. Its not toxic, it doesnt have the bleach smell. Helps with staff infections, scrapes, cuts, burns. It was used in the middle ages to prevent milk from spoiling. I add it to my pets water bowl to support them and their immune system. Amazing for nebulizers for respitory infections, colds, flus fevers. Great for atheletes foot. The effectiveness is getting it to the site of the effect area. Spray it on your plants help them grow better. Disinfect the kitchen sponges. Amazing antiseptic. Put it to the test, do your own due diligence and research as well.   This comes in a 32 oz Mason Jar. Price Includes Shipping!


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