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Astral Travel / Lucid Dream Tea 12 Tea Bags



Product Description

I am now taking orders for my dream tea bags.
Make your own tea at home.
Each pouch comes with special instructions to do a ritual and meditation prior to drinking the tea to enchant the water.

Pouches are $68 each and comes with 12 tea bags in each one. +$5 shipping.

Each Tea bag is hand crafted and measured by me.
Each Tea bag has over 12 different ingredients. The 13th of which you your self add.
Each herb is placed out on the full moon to take in the energy of the moon along with a crystal grid and meditation.
Each pouch is then placed on a special altar that was created for me to enchant it to the highest vibration it can flow at before being shipped to you.
It is a special meditation I do for each pouch.

I hope these tea bags can support you in your growth and expansion process through the dream world.

Let us Dream Walk together.

Dream Tea Ingredients List:
Blue Lotus
Calea Zaca
Holy Basil
Passion Flower
And the final Ingredient if your Intentional Water.
Send me a direct message to place orders.
Very limited supply.

Greater Sense of Clarity
Greater Sense of Awareness
Buzzing Sensation at Crown
Get into Meditation State easier
More responsive then Reactive to Outside Experiences
Increases Motivational Drive
Lucid Dreaming
Better Dream Recollection
Supports for Easier Astral Travel

Thank you!


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