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This is for a 4oz bottle of ORMUS made from Dead Sea Salt. ORMUS- Health Benefits of Ormus Minerals Ormus is an exciting subject, but no aspect of this astonishing material even begins to approach the amazing health benefits it brings when added even in small doses to a person's health and diet program. In this area Ormus is nothing short of completely revolutionary in all the best ways. Researchers, natural health and Ormus experts all agree Ormus minerals are a vital and essential part of the human body. Everything from our hair, skin and nails to our muscle tissue and even DNA contain the Ormus minerals and elements. When we are low in this material, like nearly everyone following a "modern" diet and being exposed to everyday environmental chemicals and stresses, our health suffers and suffers badly. Optimal health is impossible without this problem being addressed. When supplemental Ormus is taken and our levels are high these are just some of the benefits many people are commonly seeing... Health Benefits of Ormus Minerals Enhanced Immune System Functioning: Ormus is repeatedly described as being "pro-life" by people like David Hudson, when describing it's influence on the immune system. That Ormus acts on the DNA to return the body to its original "perfect state" nature intended. Most people become sick only rarely, if at all, once they begin smart and safe supplementation. Some experts have even suggested these materials can successfully combat ailments as serious as cancer and AIDS. This of course needs to be studied much further. Increased Rate of Healing: Ormus also speeds up the healing process all over the body. This includes everything from cuts, burns and wounds to internal issues like bone breaks and muscle tears and sprains. In many cases the healing process has been sped up the degree that it seems near magical. Slowing and Partial Reversing of the Aging Process: Life extension enthusiasts are a sub-culture who have been overwhelmed by the responses they have seen again and again from supplementing with Ormus minerals. These have included wrinkles vanishing and even white hair eventually changing back into its original color. No other natural health supplement has even come close to these types of results. Expect the use of Ormus minerals to explode in life extension circles as this information spreads more broadly. How to get Ormus into your life todayBoosting of Strength and Athletic Conditioning: In the last few years,: some athletes who are willing to think "outside of the box" having been using Ormus minerals while strength training and conducting other forms of sport conditioning. Bigger strength gains, quicker recovery and increased endurance have all been reported. Ormus minerals are obviously non hormonal and aren't banned by any Sports Bodies, including Olympic Committees. Mood Enhancing and Anti-Depressant: Ormus in addition to having such a remarkable rejuvenated effect on the body exerts a similar action on the mind. Described by many as a "purifying" feeling, depression and ill will is quickly lifted from most people taking Ormus minerals. This seems to work equally well in aiding a person to get over addiction related issues, even very extreme ones. Along with mood enhancement this seems to act as a gateway for increased and more meaningful spirituality for many. These reports mimic those from the ancients who used Ormus minerals for this sort of thing exclusively, often in combination with esoteric like long periods of fasting. Improved Sleep: Insomnia and other unnatural sleep disorders are quickly brought under control when supplementing with Ormus. The quality of dream sleep is also dramatically improved especially for those making efforts to lucid dream. How to get Ormus into your life today  Heightened Energy and Awareness: Without any sort of stimulant like jitters, Ormus energizes the body in a safe and sustainable way. Increased productivity, decreased need for sleep and heightened awareness are all commonly experienced, as well as laser beam like focus. It is important to recall just how safe Ormus minerals are which makes them unique for a material that holds these types of benefits! How is that for a list of health benefits? They cover the complete human experience from the body, mind, to the emotions and the spirit. This is the prime set of reasons why the Ormus minerals are so exciting and interesting and why so many brilliant people have gone so in experimenting with them. They can change a person completely for the better. Hardly anything can as realistically make that claim, besides the Ormus minerals. Pretty amazing! Different Ormus testimonials reveal that there are a lot of physical benefits too that one can get out of Ormus. Some of them are as follows: How to get Ormus into your life today It helps: ·         intestinal tract to absorb food particles ·         nourishment and hydration of body cells ·         body cells in generating hydroelectric energy ·         rejuvenation of the body cells ·         proper communication and regeneration of body cells ·         repair damaged tissues ·         prevents muscle cramps ·         as anti-ageing support ·         gives relief from joint pain ·         increases electrolytes ·         improve vision ·         increase level on energy in a person ·         promote of DNA and RNA ·         strengthen bones ·         maintain a healthy blood sugar level ·         maintain a healthy immune system function ·         promote a healthy cellular ph balance   Benefits of ORMUS:   Price Includes Shipping.    


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