October 6, 2015

Guided Meditations / Mindfulness

Since my awakening ,  I have been meditating and learning just how deep our minds can go. Let me tell you...it is unfathomable. Every time I have gone into a meditation it has never been quite the same and I have new insights that come up. I learned meditation on my own initially because I was depressed from a breakup. It happened because I was in a relationship with someone for 3 years. But in this relationship I wasn't given my full attention to my partner. I was escaping reality via video games. I escaped alot because I did not love my self nor did I like how my life was. So I turned to a fantasy world where I could do things that I wanted. Upon the breakup I was able to find meditation and began the exploration of my own mind. In these sessions I will guide you on the principles of meditation. How to get to that point of stillness and clarity. Every session will be a different style of meditation depending on what emotion we are working with. I intuitively receive meditations randomly during sessions at times as well. Sessions last 1 hour and will encompass 1-2 meditations as well as some intuitively obtained words to push you forward on your path of meditation.
Guided Meditations
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