Integrity - There is a quote that goes around the spiritual community. "The way you do one thing is the way you do everything." When broken down this is fundamentality true. You can perceive a lot about a persons character based upon what they say, and then what they do.
To learn from a teacher that says one thing, but to witness them do the opposite is an example of not being in integrity with themselves. Thus the way they do one thing, it applies to all of their other practices. It is safe to say that you can now observe them not being in integrity with other aspects of their teachings. To truly be in integrity is to apply the principles you have learned in one field, to another field or practice. For example, when you learn yoga, the movements, the breathe, the flexibility. You can then apply these same principles to other experiences. To be mindful of the breathe when you are in difficult times of emotions. This goes back to the quote in the beginning. These practices teach you to stay in integrity, to do it with deliberate intent. The movement of yoga teaches you to be in a constant state or flow of your emotions and to not resist what is being presented. Thus going back to the previous quote. Applying it to all avenues. The flexibility of yoga teaches that at times you have to accept what is, rather then resist what is. It teaches to allow the mind to be open and fluid to receive wisdom that you may otherwise disagree with currently, but when given time you begin to realize it was truth spoken. But the ego did not want to accept it. This will keep you in integrity and flow. Now when someone lies about something and you know it to be a lie based on experience. You can safely say this person is not in integrity, because the way they do one thing, they apply to all things. I know lieing very very well, I was a pathological liar because I wanted to present my self a certain way and be viewed in the eyes of people in a certain light. I also used it to not address concerning matters that I had no desire to bring up at that time. Because in those moments I felt as though it did not matter. But of course it did otherwise I would not have the experience. An experience is only necessary until it is not. Which is why we are always where we are supposed to be. Remember the beginning quote in your journey and you can quickly understand the character of a person based upon that fundamental principle. A deliberate person is deliberate and intentful in all areas of their lives. Not just in one area, if it was just one area, they are not in integrity. Be mindful of teachers , gurus, masters who preach certain principles but then do the opposite. Much love and light. -The Water Magister

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