Getting Lost in the Stories…

Want to make something very clear. Even though you may receive messages that you are a star being and a high elder, seer, oracles, etc. etc. Do not get lost in the story of it and allow it to entitle you and make yourself better than anyone else. Yes you may be those things, more then likely you WERE those things. But it does not mean that is who you are in this very moment.
As you progress in this spiritual growth many of you will feel you have been Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mary Magdalene, Etc.etc. Because the truth is...Yes you have been all of them. But for the benefit of the life path you chose in this physical existence showing you those specific images or feelings, supports your souls expansion. So there are those souls that then get lost in the story of Oh I am Jesus, or OH I AM Buddha. But why would you even limit your self to being just them? Don't you want to take the game even further to see what you can do now that you remember you were those beings? To use that as a solid foundation to build upon and see what else we are capable of? Don't limit your self to these beings, They were just examples of what is. But We are even greater then what they represented. They were just a bookmark in a page, within a chapter of the book of our evolutionary expansion. Now there are those who will become disillusioned to the story of star family and believe if they are in "trouble" will call upon the ships to take them away. This is infact a disillusion. Why? Because you are not witnessing and being present with the emotions it is offering you in the present moment, rather you are acting like a victim and something is happening to you and requesting an outside thing to support you and magically take you away. You are much stronger then this, and require no protection. We are the awakened, we are the truth, when you stand in truth nothing can ever harm you because you are expanding your light, your heart, your radiant love. To think someone is attacking you and sending spells upon you is to allow it to occur in the first place, allowing a kink in your armor for it to seep through. It's always a choice. Remember dear ones that you create your reality. Never forget this. All is created to benefit your own individual awareness. -The Water Magister

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