October 6, 2015

Ashtanga Yoga Practice

What is Ashtanga Yoga? Ashtanga yoga is a system of yoga recorded by the sage Vamana Rishi in the Yoga Korunta, an ancient manuscript "said to contain lists of many different groupings of asanas, as well as highly original teachings on vinyasa, drishti, bandhas, mudras, and philosophy" (Jois 2002 xv). The text of the Yoga Korunta "was imparted to Sri T. Krishnamacharya in the early 1900's by his Guru Rama Mohan Brahmachari, and was later passed down to Pattabhi Jois during the duration of his studies with Krishnamacharya, beginning in 1927" ("Ashtanga Yoga"). Since 1948, Pattabhi Jois has been teaching Ashtanga yoga from his yoga shala, the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute (Jois 2002 xvi), according to the sacred tradition of Guru Parampara [disciplic succession] (Jois 2003 12). For More Information on Ashtanga Yoga go to: https://www.ashtanga.com/html/background.html There are many series of the Ashtanga Yoga Path. We will be practicing Primary Series, Which is the First Series. Below is an image of the Primary Series Yoga Postures: The wonderful thing about Ashtanga is that the sequence if always the same. So you can begin to remember it the next time you come. It allows you to flow through into the next asana. Booking an Ashtanga Yoga private session with me will allow us to have an intimate setting to truly discover how far you can go. The typical session lasts 1 to 2 hours. Depending on your skill level. I have been practicing Ashtanga Yoga for about 2 years now and have been practicing yoga overall for 3 years. This is if you want to see how a session is with a class environment. But I understand how sometimes it can seem intimidating when in a group environment so by practicing in a 1 on 1 setting. We can allow the shedding of those judgements of ourselves. To know it does not matter what that other persons level is. What matters is that you are focusing on your self and giving your body the attention. So you can reconnect to it.   Book a private session today and let us both discover how powerful you truly are.
Ashtanga Yoga
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