Inner Alchemy
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Level 1, 2 and 3

Gain Greater Clarity and Understanding towards the all of the Modalities I have utilized until this point.

Build the Foundation of our God given abilities towards manifesting the reality we wish to create.

Aligning our selves with the Sacred Elements so they may flow through us to better serve The Collective.

A solid understanding of the roles we are here to play and the responsibilities that come with it all.

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Learn About David Andrew Rodriguez

Rev. David Andrew Rodriguez is 33 years old. He is an Ordained Minister with the Universal Life Church. He practices Level 2 Reiki for clients as well as provides coaching one on one sessions. He created I Love You Water and does many Water Ceremonies and Activation’s to bring consciousness and understanding back to water. He came into his awakening after a depression and he began meditating for 5 minutes a day for 3 days and after heard the word “Reiki” which he then looked up online to find what it’s meaning was, and from there he has taken off to learn more about him self. He understood how powerful meditation could be for people going through stressful situations as well as depression. He is now writing a book based on his life experiences and the things he has come across since his awakening titled "The Water Magister : Self-Discovery".

His main mission now is to hold space and allow those around him to begin remembering who they were before they chose these physical bodies beyond the stories we tell our selves utilizing many modalities such as: Water, Sound Therapy, Sigil Magick, Shadow Work and Integration, Shamanic meditations. He can be contacted for one on one sessions for the following: Distant Healing / Reiki, Astral Travel / Out Of Body Sessions, Spiritual Counseling and Mentoring, Lucid Dream Teacher, Meditations and Yoga.

David Rodriguez is also an IT Consultant with his own Computer Consulting Business. He creates websites, graphics, does network, hardware and software, as well as Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Advertising. Feel free to contact him for any of those services as well.

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Phone: 786-325-5362


Read His Intro / Prologue Story to his Book
"The Water Magister's: Self-Discovery"


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